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What expenses are there related to selling a multi-residential building?

There are a number of expenses an owner should anticipate when selling their apartment building. It is important to stress that each owner’s expenses will vary depending on their tax consequences, based on various factors such as initial purchase price, capital cost allowance taken throughout the years of ownership and one’s own tax situation. Continue reading

The non-return valve at our rescue!

The Corporation of Master Pipe Mechanics of Quebec lays stress on the fact that the best way to protect a building against sewer backflow is to install non-return valves. They contain an obturator that blocks the overflow of used water coming in from the overloaded municipal sewers.

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The location of an income property: an important factor to consider.

When purchasing your income property, consider locating the building coveted.

The location of the building is a very important element in determining a good investment. It is often better to pay more for a property located in a better area that is easier to manage rather than buying a better priced property in a harder to manage sector of town.

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The low interest rates and the effect on the yield.

It seems that today’s multi-residential market is in a bit of a dilemma. With the interest rates being very low (a 5 year CMHC insured loan for amounts greater than 1 million dollars hovering at the low 3% ranges), the asking prices on the multi residential apartment buildings have gotten to be expensive Continue reading

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