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Baron has the most comprehensive listings of income properties for sale in Montreal. Our catalogue of apartment buildings includes properties in prime location. We assess a property’s value on more than just its appearance and location. When buying or selling income properties such as apartment buildings, it’s important to understand the big picture. Is there room to grow in the neighborhood? What attracts tenants to this area? Are their zoning policies that might affect the value of the property? These are just a few of the factors that we take into account.

With us, you not only get the asking price, our goal is to list the properties right, so that the buyer and the seller don’t waste time trying to figure out the right price. We also provide accurate return on investment calculations for our clients,the needed down payment to purchase,the cap rate, rental prices, potential upside in the rents, and perfect marketing material to help the buyers/investors truly understand and appreciate what they are buying.

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Baron Realty not only provides comprehensive listings, we also make sure that all of our investors are given access to our extensive expertise in Montreal’s income property world. Our years of experience on the ground is what sets us apart from the rest. We know exactly what you should expect out of an apartment building, where the best places to buy are, and what makes something appealing to investors, sellers, and tenants.

Baron Realty gives you the ability to see all of the details. This means that you get to see pictures, land dimensions, parking options, return on investment, similar properties sold, and the upside in the rents / expenses. We want to make sure you get the full picture before you make a decision.

With a focus on honesty, integrity, and in-depth knowledge of the industry, Baron Realty has become one of Montreal’s leading income property agencies. If you are looking for income properties for sale in Montreal, then you have come to the right place.
  • Residential units: 8
  • Floors: 3 + basement
  • Asking price: $1,375,000.00
  • Heating: Gas & Electric
  • Hot water: Gas & Electric
  • Land: 306.4 m² (3,298 ft²)
  • Building size: 13.34 x 12.32 m (43.7 x 40.4 ft)
  • Building floor area: 164.34 m² (1,769.04 ft²)
  • Parking: None
  • Year built: 1944

Large balconies in the rear. A great place to live, easy to rent. A mere walk to all the services. This part of the city has seen steady population growth, estimated at 2.6% from 2011-2016 and 2.0% from 2016-2021 (Note 1). The Plateau Mont Royal is the densest borough of all 19 boroughs of Montreal in population density, with over 12,000 inhabitants per square Km (Note 2).

* 3 Floors + basement level
* Heating : Gas & Electric (2 X 3 ½ units are electric, 1 X 4 ½ is electric, 5 x 4 ½ are gas)
* Hot water: Gas & Electric (2 X 3 ½ units are electric hot water tank with their own tanks, (tenant paid) 6 x 4 ½ are gas hot water (owner paid). The hot water tanks are owned). This offers great potential to convert all to electric heating and hot water and increase the net income in place.
* Land: 306.4 m. sq. 3,298 sq. ft.
* Building size: 13.34m X 12.32m (43.7 ft. X 40.4 ft.)
* Floor area: 164.34 m. sq. 1,769.04 Sq. ft. Per floor
* Year built: 1944 as per city of Montreal
* Unit mix: 2 X 3 ½, and 6 X 4 ½ , all bedrooms are closed bed rooms.

1. Source Tetrad, 1 square Km
2. From the city of Montreal's web site
3. Source Walkscore.com
4. The building measurements were obtained from the 2002 certificate of location. The listing broker did not measure the building.
5. All offers to be left open for 2 business days, and must be sent by email or fax to listing broker.
6. No visits until an accepted offer
7. The rent roll was given to Baron Realty by the seller without verification by the broker of the actual leases.
8. Needed down payment 29% - 37% depending if financing with CMHC or conventional. May be more please confirm with your lender.
9. No loan to be assumed. Buyer can do their own financing
10. The sale is with no legal warranty as to quality. Sold as is where is to the risks and perils of the purchaser.

Handsome Multi-family building, in the Laurier-Est neighbourhood of Plateau Mont Royal. Near Parc Sir-Wilfried- Laurier. A walk from Laurier Metro station. A walkscore of 96% (Note 3). The building is in excellent condition. The unit mix is: 2 X 3 ½, and 6 X 4 ½. There are no double rooms "salon doubles", all units are with real closed bedrooms.

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