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Baron Realty is an income property real estate agency specialising in the sale of apartment buildings in Montreal. We are a company that understands the complexities of the market in and around this city, and are deeply connected with the right investors/sellers. It is our goal to show your property to all the right investors, and find the transaction that benefits both sides the most.

With us, you get in-depth income property brokerage expertise, years of experience in the local area, and exposure to willing investors ready to acquire investment properties. With a vast catalog of available properties, the right personnel to manage the process, and a willing network of buyers, we are able to tailor our brokerage services in Montreal to fit your needs precisely.

Our strengths lie in our honesty, integrity, and dedication to our craft and of course our results. We pride ourselves on fast and accurate evaluations, transparent communication, and on giving our clients an understanding of the big picture. A building’s value involves far more than just the numbers.The ease of management and future capital injections needed are key aspects that we understand and we relay to our investors / clients / sellers.

We have helped countless sellers in the Montreal area sell their property in a timely manner. With a dedication to efficiency, diligence, communication, and customer service, Baron Realty is the right agency for property owners and their real estate brokerage needs.

We have painstakingly earned our reputation as one of Montreal’s premier income property real estate agencies , and with our mastery of brokering multi-family and semi-commercial  transactions, Baron Realty has made a name for itself among the very best and efficient  in the industry. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you are looking to buy or sell an income property in the Montreal region.

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