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Baron Realty is a real estate firm that specialises in the sale of existing and future (forward sale) apartment buildings in Quebec and Ontario to qualified private and corporate real estate investors. Whether it’s a national REIT, a private downtown fund, a foreign investor, or a local owner – we find the right buyer for your property.


  • Interprovincial investments – unlike bigger firms, who do have offices in both provinces, but different brokers, we have the same team working both markets; this creates unparalleled understanding of the dynamics for the best investments, different submarkets, and, ability to service our growing list of foreign buyers who just want to place capital anywhere it makes sense in Canada.
  • A solid database (6,000+ buyers) and relationships with national buyers; most of the time, offers are generated within days of us blasting a new listing to our internal client list. The database becomes key, since most multi-family sellers prefer not to have their building advertised on the MLS system.
  • Ability to identify non-closing buyers. Receiving or even accepting an offer is no guarantee of a close unless the buyer is pertinent and has proof of funds.
  • Transaction management from start to finish – selling a property does not stop at the accepted offer stage. Many elements other than financing can transpire during the due diligence process that can terminate an otherwise doable transaction, if facts are misinterpreted and not properly verified.
  • Unlike most brokers, we do not take listings that are overpriced. Our accurate and comprehensive evaluations are professional underwritings you’ll be impressed with. If we do not convince you of the listing price we recommend, we will not take the listing, saving both you and us valuable time.
  • Multi-family forward sales experience: understanding of forward sale dynamics, minimizing development risk, and bringing offers that make sense on, or off market. If you are contemplating turning your land into an apartment building, we can advise you during the process, underwrite the building you are planning, and give you an estimate of the price it would sell for, and, in most cases, bring an offer before your building gets build (guarantee sale at the end, no lease-up risk for the developer).
  • Combined, over $350,000,000 in multi-family commercial real estate sales and over 120 transactions and no competition within the sales team – we work every deal the same way, providing individual service from a senior group of brokers to small or large dispositions.

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